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Training is a way to show your team how much you value them so why not introduce them to the Power of Podcasting as a way to give them voice and market your business?

Each brilliant business has a team of experts driving it forward and potential business partners and new clients love to hear from experts, it makes them feel secure that the business relationship they are embarking on is with a team that is highly skilled.


Once you have established that your business includes leaders in your field you will be sought after for media opportunities, collaborations, speaking gigs and all of these opportunities bring new clients and more revenue.

Pubic Power of Podcasting Workshops and Webinars are available monthly. 


Intensive 4 hour workshops offer the opportunity to learn and plan a Podcasting series. You do not need any experience or any understanding of Podcasting. Each workshop will cover skills, interviews, planning, equipment and software.


Divided into 3 X 1 hour webinars where each webinar includes interactive elements and skills training. You can join all 4 or just the ones that include skills you feel you need. (Planning) (Interview skills) (Equipment, hosting and monetising).

Schools and community groups can book workshops for a number of attendees.They can be hosted at any requested venue.


Within the area of media and technology  students are finding Podcasting as a new way of delivering work for different subjects. Podcasting and its associated skills set provides students with a valuable tool when applying for jobs and higher education opportunities. 

Community Groups

Many community groups seek interesting learning and training opportunities for their members and Podcasting is a skill available to all ages and genders. It is a fun workshop that provides a true learning experience for everyone.