Podcasting is easy when you know how. I can teach you in 6 easy Podcast episodes PLUS a bonus tips episode how to create fantastic Podcasts today. Complete with a comprehensive workbook and printable worksheets you can plan your first 6 episodes. From set up, selecting a name to equipment selection, editing and monetisation I share with you the very best, most cost-effective skills and tips. I have spent 11 years learning how to broadcast and podcast and through this Podcast Workshop, I have reduced your learning experience to 4 hours in the comfort of your home or office. If Podcasting is something you are excited to learn then just click the Buy button and get started today.




Podcasting is Powerful and set to grow exponentially. The BBC has stated that in 2020 Podcasts will be downloaded in the trillions. That is a huge number of downloads and if you have a business or something to share then you need to be a part of those trillions over and over again. Most marketing plans don't include podcasting yet but the bigger companies have started to use podcasts for internal communication. To share culture and ideas and to create a more transparent internal communication. However, the use of Podcasts for marketing and brand building is on the increase. With a huge audience that is just growing and the low cost of creating Podcasts, it makes sense to have a plan. It is also one of the most trusted and intimate forms of communication. My course covers how and why people listen to Podcasts and how you can create a Powerful Podcast Series to capture listeners, clients and fans


The ABC has set aside a $1Million fund to help produce and promote podcasting in Australia thereby setting it up as a media force that is expanding rapidly. This is why every business owner should be focussing marketing dollars and time in this area.


If you are an expert in your field and want to be recognised as well as share your knowledge then Podcasting is the way to go. It’s fast, inexpensive and dynamic. You select your pace, guests, topics and how you want to share your expert knowledge. In fact, if you don’t have a Podcasting strategy your business will almost certainly be left behind.


You might just want to Podcast for yourself because you have a burning passion for sharing knowledge, entertainment, and ideas. The best thing about Podcasting is that you get to do it exactly like you want to and that’s exciting.


There is a reason why Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Mark Bouris create podcast series! Because podcasts work, they have the power to grow audiences nationally and internationally and they never have to be archived.




Once you have purchased your course you will receive a welcome email. Included will be the following 

You will find two PDF files


1. A comprehensive colour workbook that supports the audio files and

2. A colour worksheet book that you can print and write in which will form your Podcast Plan. 


You will also have access to a link that will take you back to a hidden page on the website where you can access 7 digital files from any of your devices.

1. A short introduction
2. Planning
3. Interview Skills

4. Editing
5. Equipment 
6. Sharing and Monetisation
7. My Bonus Golden Podcasting Tips


Each Podcast episode provides layers of skills and information that I have researched and taught in my live workshops. 

Plus If you get stuck or need to know something that is not covered in the Podcast you can email me directly and I will help you.

I have designed this workshop to be a one-stop shop. Other than your equipment you need not spend any more money or invest in any other learning or coaching products unless you really want to. I offer a single learning experience at one price. 




I am currently and have been for the past three years the Chairman of the Eastside Radio Board which is a successful Sydney community radio station and has been in operation for 35 years. I have a Bachelor of Journalism degree and have won a PAMPA newspaper award. I have produced my own food and wine newspaper and for for the past 11years, I have been a radio show host interviewing over 2000 incredible guests for both my Food and Wine show and my Dialogue show on remarkable people.


I have insider knowledge on how to plan a show and how to secure and interview the most desirable guests. How to speak into a microphone, set up equipment and save and share a show. I have experienced live shows, pre-records and podcasts and I know how to make a story interesting. Plus I was once where you are, new to all of it and making mistakes. Massive mistakes! Right now with Podcasting climbing into the stratosphere I can help launch you with little fuss, lots of technical and moral support and I’m guessing almost no throwing-up beforehand! I have taught rugby icon David Campese how to Podcast as well as students, entrepreneurs, speakers and storytellers.


My live two hour food show FoodinFocus aired from 2008 to 2017 and was an incredible success with guests including food media icons like Manu Feildel, Matt Moran, Curtis Stone, Miguel Maestre and many more.


In 2014 I launched an interview series called The Dialogue, which is also hosted as a podcast. The show takes the listener on a journey through the life of a remarkable guest.  Guests include successful business personalities, Not for Profit leaders, survivors, mavericks and creators. Guests include, Neale Whitaker, Barry du Bois, Lyndey Malan OAM, Trudi Jenkins, Jean Kitson and many more.


To listen visit http://www.thedialogue.com.au/




Patrick Spedding: Great session, given me lots of ideas. I might actually try this podcasting thing.... (Technology)


Kelliegh Jackson: What an informative and inspiring day yesterday. I could have listened and learned from you all day. (Vetran Affairs)


Carolyn Butler Madden: Gave up my fave boxing class to do this course today and it was worth it. Huge practical value for anyone thinking of starting a podcast. Plus with Natascha running the session, not only do you get that value, you’re also guaranteed a few laughs along the way. Do it! (Cause Marketing)


Heather Porter: You really know your stuff. Loved it (Social Media Educator)


Francois Gelbard Martin: So awesome .. loved it. Gave up fave yoga class. Worth it! (Corporate Video Production)


Power Of Podcasting Digital Workshop

  • Once you have placed your order you will receive an email with a zip file containing two PDF files. One file is a comprehensive colour workbook and the other file contains interactive worksheets. You can open both files and work thorugh the workbook electronically and I suggested you print out the worksheets as they will form your Podcast Plan. You simply double click to open the zip folder. You will also see a link which takes you to the hidden website page containing 7 Podcast episodes recording guide for beginners..  You will receive the password in the email. Work through these episodes in order using your workbook and worksheets and you can pause them whenever you like. At the end of the series you will know how to create Powerful Podcasts successfully.