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The most effective way to learn how to podcast techniques when you are running a small business is to do one-to-one or sole workshop with some coaching sessions as you progress. All my individual clients launch podcasts almost immediately after completing my workshop and they find the coaching sessions help with immediate questions.  


Every workshop takes between 3-4 hours and includes workbooks, worksheets and lots of interactive work. I usually suggest spreading the workshop over several consecutive days and then adding the coaching sessions on in the weeks that follow. Workshops can be presented over zoom or in person. I have found zoom to be very effective as often the client will actually sit where they intend to record and I find I am able to really help with the set-up.

I share my personal podcast money making strategies and my go to experts on developing intro and outros. I will listen to the ones you develop and provide feedback. I will also encourage and support you through the initial recording stages and your first interviews. As well as offer feedback on your podcast artwork and episode naming.

We will cover everything in our course from developing the idea and name to interview skills, recording options, editing, hosting, script-writing, sharing, mentoring, promotion strategy, and monetization.

There are several success stories below that I am very proud of. I would love to help you learn to podcast so start by contacting me for a free discovery call and we can take it from there