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About Power Of Podcasting

We cannot afford to be silent. If we do not tell the stories, if we fail to share the journey, our knowledge, our pain and our joy then we fail not only ourselves but everyone who would benefit from the gift of our experience. 

You might have been thinking about starting a podcast for some time, but let's be honest its not that easy. ​When you don't know how to do something it is always hard and where do you even start?


Is it buying the equipment first. Finding a host, writing a script or is it asking a friend for help. Should you watch a few YouTube tutorials and who do you even trust? With so many questions and so many conflicting answers. It all seems way too hard.


But the benefits of Podcasting are incredible. It's a marketing channel that gives you a voice, a personality, a way to express to the world who you are, what you do and what you believe in. It allows for the easy flow of information, sets you up as an expert, gives you access to customers, builds you a beautiful community of fans and brings in leads and tons of revenue.


Podcasting allows you to consider your content and package it into soundbites that bring results. It is the voice you always wanted.​ In fact without one you are missing a huge revenue generating channel and a community of fans who want to buy what you have and want to share your journey.

If you are looking for a personal podcasting consultant, mentor, producer, or a trainer, who can teach you how to produce powerful podcasts, look no further. Natascha is our expert on podcasting advice!

Podcasting is for everyone, celebrities, businesses, experts,

entertainers, individuals ... anyone and everyone.

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I love teaching podcasting because it gives a voice to your passions

Growing up I wanted to be a war correspondent. I was fortunate to have followed my passion studying journalism at university but the war thing just didn't seem that cool after my degree. Instead my career spanned three continents and almost every media medium. I have honed my journalistic skills through stints in magazines, newspapers, live broadcasting and online and won a PAMPA award. I am fascinated by people, by their resilience, their success stories and challenges.


When I was invited to host a live food and wine radio show I secretly died inside. I was terrified and was sure no one would listen. In fact I was sure everyone listening would know I didn't know what I was talking about. I learnt from being thrown in the deep end that the key to a successful radio show is to ask the right questions and to entertain. I have been broadcasting and podcasting since 2008 I have had some epic interviews and some massive disasters but it is always a wonderful ride.


I have interviewed over 2000 guests both live and pre-recorded. I host several podcasts and Chair the Board of Eastside Radio, one of the most successful community radio stations in Sydney.  I have taught over 200 people how to podcast and these include celebrities David Campese and Lucy Bloom. I have hosted large workshops for organisations like the Public Service Commission and coached business owners from home renovators to travel experts. I am currently working on a schools program and venturing into corporate training.


I co-host the Living Out Loud Podcast with Dr Vincent  a brilliant young scientist with his amazing Renovatio anti-oxidant products which are available in 900 Woolworths stores and I host The Dialogue where I interview remarkable people. 

I have taught public and private workshops as well as zoom workshops from one-on-one  clients to large groups and my private coaching clients are all developing successful podcast series. There is no such thing as a dumb question, no bad ideas and I never expect anyone to know anything about Podcasting when they start my workshop or coaching sessions. I love every idea and can see potential in every presenter. I know my stuff and I am willing to workshop all your ideas with enthusiasm and a sense of humour. 





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