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The Power Of Podcasting workshops are run by Natascha Moy, Chairman of the Eastside Radio Board, who has been a Broadcaster and Podcaster for over 10 years. Natascha has a Podcast called The Dialogue where she interviews remarkable people. From famous household names like Neale Whittaker and food media darlings like Lyndey Milan to refugees and business mavericks, Natascha has uncovered what makes people extraordinary. She has interviewed over 2000 guests and is an insightful and authentic presenter. 


Natascha can teach you how to create incredible podcasts. Power of Podcasting offers intensive Workshops. Each attendee leaves the workshop with a six episode series already thought out and planned even if they arrived without a single idea.

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I have created an intensive Podcast Series based on my live Learn How To Podcast Workshop. In the six downloadable episodes, I have covered everything from planning and selecting podcast names and tag lines to choosing guests. I cover interview skills, editing, software and equipment. How to manage guests and what are and are not mistakes. Hosting platforms, art and introductions. This is a perfect course for beginners who are interested in learning about Podcasting and for business people keen to develop a marketing or departmental series. My course is jam-packed with tips and skills as well as well researched practical help. I have tons of testimonials and success stories as well as years of my own broadcasting experience. Plus I have added a Bonus Tip Episode that you can refer back to whenever you need a refresh. Download the Series directly from my website and learn Podcasting today. 


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