Podcasting coach to celebrities
businesses and organisations 

This is a perfect course for beginners who are interested in learning about the benefits of Podcasting and for business people keen to develop a marketing or departmental series.

Podcast training from sole traders to big business is vital to ensure you and your team can communicate. A customised workshop for 1 person or 24  teaches everything you need to know to verbally package expert information. Podcasting provides a dynamic, cost effective communication tool which allows information to flow between departments, individuals, customers and the public.

If you are ready then there is no reason not to start right now. Click to order my online podcast workshop complete with workbook and worksheets and sit in the comfort of your home or office. Work through the audio modules at your own pace, and yes you can wear your pajamas and pause to make a cup of tea. At the end of the course you will be ready to successfully launch your own podcast series.

I offer one-on-one private workshops and coaching. These sessions can be done on Zoom or in person and can be tailored to your needs. Some of my students are celebrities wanting to expand their fan base, some are in business and want to create a new marketing channel and some are organisations that want to communicate internally. I offer these sessions over a single day or over several days.


I have created an intensive Podcast Series based on my live Learn How To Podcast Workshop. In the six downloadable episodes, I have covered everything from planning and selecting podcast names and tag lines to choosing guests. I cover interview skills, editing, software and equipment. How to manage guests and what are and are not mistakes. Hosting platforms, art and introductions. This is a perfect course for beginners who are interested in learning about Podcasting and for business people keen to develop a marketing or departmental series. My course is jam-packed with tips and skills as well as well researched practical help. I have tons of testimonials and success stories as well as years of my own broadcasting experience. Plus I have added a Bonus Tip Episode that you can refer back to whenever you need a refresh. Download the Series directly from my website and learn how to create Powerful Podcasts today. 

I run the best Podcasting workshops for beginners and businesses. Having been in broadcasting for over 11 years as both a presenter and a podcaster, I understand how to present, interview guests, write scripts and manage technology. I am currently Chairman of the Eastside Radio Board, the Podcasting Director and host my own shows The Dialogue and Living Out Loud. I have interviewed over 2000 guests from famous household names like Neale Whittaker and food media darlings like Lyndey Milan to refugees and business mavericks. I love the broadcast medium, know how powerful it is and enjoy every second of teaching people from scratch how to enjoy planning and recording fun and interesting Podcasts.  

David Campese

Talking Rugby with David Campese

I did Natascha's Private Podcasting Workshop and learnt in one day and one training session how to record podcasts. I interviewed a few of my mates on my show and found it quite easy. We came up with the name and the frequency and length of the show in the workshop. Natacha is very hands-on and offered lots of help and asked some good questions. Talking Rugby With David Campese is now up and I don't know if I would have known how to start it without her workshop. 

Lucy Bloom

The Recovery Room

"In one afternoon I learned all the technical knowledge needed to produce a professional podcast show AND I walked out with the entire plan for my show content. The Power of Podcasting workshop was just the way I like to learn: practical, fast-paced and applied to my own project".

Sue  Ariza

Homebound Podcast

I have travelled to many countries and for a while made my home in Australia. I wanted to do a Podcast on what home meant to immigrants and travellers. I went to a workshop at the library and loved the experience. It was super fast-paced and there was so much content but I left knowing what I wanted to do and with a plan and I have loved making podcasts ever since.  


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